Gerry Trentham, hailing from Drumheller, Alberta, is founder and Artistic Director of pounds per square inch (lbc/sq') performance. Mr. Trentham has created over 30 works for the stage including three full evening works. He wrote, choreographed and directed, Autobiography: Chapters One through Five (2003) and Cathedral (1998), which was listed in Toronto's Globe and Mail and Now Magazine as one fo the top ten best new works of that year and Four Mad Humours (2011), which simultaneously premiered in Buffalo and Toronto, then Chicago and Montreal, connected by live video streaming. It received a 2011 Toronto Dora Award Nomination for outstanding performance by Linnea Swan.
Mr. Trenthan performed extensively throughout North America and Europe in the works of many of Canada's most prominent contemporary choreographers including a seven-year tenure with Serge Bennathan's Dancemakers. He was internationally acclaimed for his performance in Bennathan's Chronicales of a Simple Life. The New York Time dance critic, Anna Kisselgoff, called his performance "remarkably lyrical" and Clive Barnes of the New York Post wrote "...powerfully acted by the outstanding Gerry Trentham". Six works in which he has orginated roles have been nominated for and/or received Toronto Dora Awards.

Gerry recently co-directed, with Diane Roberts, the Urban Ink production of Confession of the Other Woman in Vancouver. He is in London, UK this fall, first for a reading of a new play, Dear Elephant, written and performed with actor Olivia Olsen, and then to coach Ozcabaret's new trio which opens in Brighton later this fall. He is honoured to be part of the elite cast of Denise Fujiwara's newest work, Eunioa, which opens in January 2014. 

Mr. Trenthan has an MFA in Performance and a Graduate Voice Diploma from York University and has taught voice, movement and acting, directed and choreograpged productions throughout Canada, the United States, and Austalia. As a core member of Canada's National Voice Intensive over the last 15 years, he has become one of only a few dance and movement educators whose expertise bridges deeply into voice and speech. His work focuses on voice, movement and speech integration. The work encourages choice, range and precision in performed action and aligns the body/voice with intention, language, presence and power.