Once You Are Accepted

Acceptances are made in the third week of March. You will be contacted by phone and/or email. You will receive an acceptance package with: letter of acceptance, tuition invoice, health form, and an participant contract.

You must read carefully and sign the Contract, fill out the Health Form and send both back to us along with your tuition. 

Please read specific preparation details of the 4-week and 3-week programs below.   

Prior to arriving for the 4-week intensive:

Prepare and memorize Sonnet 64. You will be asked to work with this sonnet on the first day and throughout the Intensive.    

You will also be expected to familiarize yourself with and read this year’s four plays.  You will need to bring a copy of each of the four plays with you to the Voice Intensive.   We ask that you please bring and work from THE ARDEN SHAKESPEARE EDITION. (Available in libraries, theatre book stores and through Amazon) 

Here are some suggestions of reading which can also help you prepare for the work:

Voice:  Linklater, Kristin. Freeing the Natural Voice (Revised and Expanded). Drama Publishers, 2006.

Physical Practice:  Bertherat, Therese. The Body Has Its Reasons. Healing Arts Press, 1989

Shakespeare: Crystal, Ben. Shakespeare on Toast.  Icon Books, Ltd, 2008.              

Crystal, David. Shakespeare's Words (website):  http://www.shakespeareswords.com

Sonnets    Booth, Stephen. Shakespeare's Sonnets. New Haven: Yale Unlversity Press '77.


Prior to arriving for the 3 Week Intensiveyou will be expected to fully prepare a monologue of your choice from one of this year's four plays, as well as a contemporary monologue of your choosing.

Include your choices, both Shakespearian and Contemporary, with your signed contract and tuition. The Shakespeare monologue can be simply noted by character, act and scene number. However, please send a hard copy of the contemporary monologue. 


Please Note:You will be asked to "perform" these monologues on your first day.

At least two weeks prior to the beginning of the Voice Intensive, you will also be assigned a scene from Shakespeare’s cannon.   We ask that you prepare this scene as much as possible, including memorization, in advance of your arrival.   

If you have any questions, check back to this website for more information, or contact us for further assistance.